New year, new blog, new resolve to get some writing done on a regular basis … My name is Laurence, I am a woman, and yes “Laurence” is a girl’s name in French – it’s just pronounced differently than, say, talking about esteemed British actor Sir Laurence Olivier. I’m not well-versed in phonetics, but I’ll try to explain the pronunciation as clearly as possible for those readers who don’t have the foggiest clue how to say my name: Low-Rahn-Sse … … *shrug* … … I guess that’s as close as it could be.

Actually, I don’t mind the “usual” male pronunciation of Lawrence. I’ve heard it frequently in school and university during attendance – and considering the 30+ class sizes, I didn’t think it necessary to correct the teachers (especially those university professors who had hundreds more students to lecture and grade). I’ve often been fascinated with the people who pronounce my name in wholly different and unusual ways, but I won’t even try to explain those here. Fascinating, yes. Confusing, definitely.

I’ve also gone by Laurie, until my mother (originally from the south of France) discovered that “a lorry” was a truck (she learned English while living and working in the UK), and, as such, “no daughter of mine will be named after a truck” – I’m paraphrasing. She didn’t actually say that, but the sentiment was there.

Lately, I’ve used the short-form Lauren, which I quite like the sound of – elegant and creative, not that I would have ever called myself elegant, but I feel it’s the closest thing to the francophone version of my name for anyone who really has a problem with the typical French pronunciation. I also like that the name is associated with other, notable Laurens, for example: Lauren Bacall, Lauren Hutton, Lauren Holly, Lauren *oops!* Lorne Michaels …

My main interests are in arts and crafts, hence the blog title, “Artemiscrafts” – Artemis in honour of the Greek Goddess of the Hunt and Wild Animals. I’m not a fan of actual hunting, unless in terms of First Nations people hunting and gathering for their livelihoods, but I like the image of the Goddess with her bow and arrow, and I think I’ve always been curious about archery. Incidentally, more information on Artemis can be found at http://www.theoi.com/Olympios/Artemis.html

So here I am … joining the otherworldly realm of Internet Blogging … Future posts will include more details of my crafty exploits, including various knitting and crochet items, paper mâcher balloons, collage, cooking, photography, and (obviously) writing. May it be as entertaining to read as it will be to create.

‘Till the next post …


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