[insert apologetic emoji face here]

Hello there! Long time, no blog…. My apologies for the wicked delay in posting. I really have to work on my time management skills, at least where my writing routine is concerned. Honestly, I blame I.C. – or “inner critic” – for spending too much time in my head and keeping me from actually publicizing anything I create.

I’ve been referring to this nagging voice as I.C., believing that giving such annoyance a name will make it go away or, more importantly, stop nagging. For some reason, I thought up the name Igor Crinch, and I have no idea why my inner critic would have such a name. I actually thought my inner critic would be female – you know, because I am one and all – but “Igor” stuck in my head, so what are you going to do?

Anyway, I’ve dipped my literary toe in the publication pool with the recently posted essay on Spoonie Authors Network (SPAN) about my life with Asperger’s – https://spoonieauthorsnetwork.blog – a great blog showcasing a variety of writers and authors with chronic illness and/or disabilities. The personal essay that I have published on SPAN, and all the great feedback I’ve received from the post, has certainly helped me in boosting my self-esteem about my writing. So this latest blog posting is a thank-you to everyone for their positive comments on my writing, both recent and in the past, because those comments are what helps me in continuing to pursue this crazy dream. If anyone has any tips on shutting off the inner critic – locking Igor in the trunk of a car and rolling said car off a cliff, possibly? Or does that sound too harsh? Bah, if Igor weren’t so harsh with the comments, I would be nicer with mine (bahahahahaha!)





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